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In a television show teeth in Vietnam

In a television show teeth in Vietnam. The finished baking process will be adjusted to anatomical form for the monumental, and then electronic to your last patient to be put back into the oven with air at high temperature to make the mold lined with Platinum paper straight line d in front of the town permanently lies, in and right and dry and dry dry chestnut skin or the body warms up not enough water to supply the body is very harmful. The cement cleaning and drying page is mixed well and filled into the inner heat, then the body will feel like a burning flame is there in the person who burns each organ It is very annoying but the most annoying is the dry mouth. Without water, urine should not excrete the kidneys outside of other materials. These people often have excessive eating habits, then try to vomit, abuse laxatives to control weight. Vomiting may cause permanent teeth to be exposed to stomach acid, which in the long term may wear away enamel, increasing the risk of tooth decay .

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Effects of tobacco to implant vietnam dentist prices

Cigarette smoking is one of the strongest negative influences on the probability of successful implant transplant. According to statistics, the rate of implant transplant failure in smokers was 10% higher than non-smokers. Studies have also shown that patients who smoke after transplant surgery will often suffer more.

In addition, cigarettes also increase the sensitivity of the body with strange objects such as the implant cylinder makes the implant cylinder hard to integrate into the body, teeth risk of excretion tripled. The risk of infection in smokers is also higher due to the function of the hairs moving and the immune system excreted in the nasal area by cigarette smoking.

Smokers also have a longer healing process than non-smokers. Nicotine in cigarette smoke suppresses fibroblasts that attach damaged tissues that reduce the ability to move the healing speed down. Clinical studies have demonstrated that the process of scarring will be significantly improved after the patient ceases smoking. Smoking can also lead to the risk of openings and infections

Older smokers will have 2-3 times more solid bones than non-smokers. This is likely to make the bones of the patient unsuitable for transplant or inadequate placement for transplants or transplants in unfavorable locations. In addition, the function of the bone cell will be significantly affected by the reduction of bone loss in the implanted implant head, which cannot sustain stability on the implanted bone resulting in unsatisfactory results. Its normal functions. Saigon Vietnam dental implants

Because of these negative effects, before implantation, doctors advise patients to quit 2-4 weeks before transplant and 4 to 6 weeks after implantation.

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